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Atal Incubation Centre

Ambedkar University,Delhi

Yearn, learn, earn through entrepreneurship

Atal Incubation Centre

Ambedkar University, Delhi

Yearn, learn, earn through entrepreneurship



The scheme’s goal is to encourage and establish world-class incubation centres in India in areas like manufacturing, transportation, energy, health, education, agriculture, water, and sanitation. These incubation centres would help and foster innovative technology-based start-ups with applications and/or impacts in the economy’s main sectors. 

The incubation centres would give start-ups with the essential direction, technical support, infrastructure, access to investors, networking, and a variety of other resources needed to survive and scale.

The AIC Functions

We assist incubatees in developing a company strategy that is long-term, scalable, and profitable.

  • Infrastructure and value-added support services will be provided.
  • We create a strong network of mentors who can provide sector-specific expertise as well as real-world advice.
  • Organize inspiring activities and events.
  • We provide training and mentoring programs to entrepreneurs.
  • For the start-ups to benefit from, form relationships and networks with academia, industry, funding sources, existing incubators, and others.
  • We provide the product/services access to prototyping facilities, test beds, markets, and pilot implementation.

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