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About Us


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”

-George Patton, Former General of US Army

Often it is seen that ideas take birth but doesn’t take form. Atal Incubation Centre at Ambedkar University, Delhi is set up in 2019 with the help of Atal Innovation Mission (under NITI Aayog) to translate those ideas into action.

The very objective of AIC at AUD is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in a conducive ecosystem. We look forward to helping knowledge-driven enterprises to establish and sustain with the help of professionals and experts. Support sustainable ideas to scale ~ providing Mentorship, Funding, Capacity Building, Market linkages and many more… Along with it, AIC shall facilitate the commercialisation of tech-based products which will mitigate social challenges.

                                     Our Vision

The fundamental goal of the AIC AUDF is to foster enterprises being an enabler and allowing those endeavours to successfully exit the incubation ecosystem with sustainable and self reliant model. With strong resonance of BoP, AIC AUDF hope that the graduates of our incubator will create jobs, develop new technologies and add up to the national economy.

We hope to emerge as India’s Top 3 AIC Incubators with strategic partnership, conducive ecosystem and support interventions.

Our Mission

To create a thriving and holistic start-up ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.To encourage, build, and promote unconventional thinking and the development of new ideas.

To create an environment that encourages the creation of social enterprise knowledge through research and design thinking, as well as to empower students and entrepreneurs to use their entrepreneurial skills to generate solutions for greater social impact through academic and industry initiatives.

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Expert Members

Helping others towards their brighter future

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Faculty Members

Helping others to enhance their skills

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Problem Solve

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Our Approach

AIC AUDF aims to bring together, synergize, and leverage the various strands of excellence that drive innovation and entrepreneurship in a thriving ecosystem that includes cutting-edge research in social sciences and business policies, a highly successful body that facilitates industrial interactions, and incubation in areas like rural technologies, industrial solutions, and social impact.